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(English) Membership & Affiliation

(English) Academical Partnerships

(English) Partnership

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(English) Quality certificates & Awards

ISO 9001    \r\n IQNET and its partner CISQ/RINA has awarded a certificate of quality to Illyrian Consulting Engineers.ICE now applies quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 \r\n International Star

(English) Senior Staff

Olset HAXHIU\r\nBoard Member and CEO of the company with experience in managing highwayprojects, hydropower projects and other multidisciplinary projects and showing high administrating skills for a team of more than 15 engineers

(English) Organisation Scheme

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(English) Staff

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(English) Legal Status of Company

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(English) Mission & Vision

Since establishment, ICE has a clear task to achieve by giving a significant contribution and increasing the quality of engineering work in Albania market and worldwide. It is characterized by a research


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