Detailed Design of the Highway: Tirana ‐ Elbasan Road 

Client: General Roads Directorate of Albania Partners: GEOSAT Contract Period: 03/2011 – 06/2011

Project consists in detailed design of a 6-lane wide highway, 2 through-traffic lanes + emergency lane in each direction. The highway is 22 km long with 12 bridges and viaducts, 1 overpass, 5 underpasses, many box culverts, river protections, and many retaining walls both r/c and reinforced earth type. Right-of ways has to be reinstated. Road safety measures have to be considered. The expropriation plan also has to be prepared. ICE performs services for minor and major works of arts such as design for construction of 6 viaducts, 6 bridges, 4 overpasses, and more than 50 box and pipe culverts of different dimensions. ICE is carrying geotechnical investigation, hydrological study and design of few river protection measures. Project is completed.