(English) Quality certificates & Awards

iso ISO 9001    \r\n

IQNET and its partner CISQ/RINA has awarded a certificate of quality to Illyrian Consulting Engineers.ICE now applies quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008


International Star Award in Quality




Company ICE ILLYRIAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS SH.P.K receives the international Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) in the Gold Category

\r\nIn September 2013 in Genève the company ICE received the International Star Award for Quality in the Gold category. This award is nominated around the world by BID Business Initiatives Directions since 1984 the most distinguished companies in quality. BID’s Selection Committee consists in group of international experts in business community formed by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, economists, psychologists, sociologists, journalists, designers and architects who research a maximum of public and private resources. BID has taken into account the selection process and technology of the most prestigious awards of the world (the Nobel prize in Sweden, the Oscar in Hollywood, the Malcolm Baldridge in the USA, the Deming Award in Japan, etc. ) to obtain their strong points and improve the selection of the companies.