HIGHWAYS AND URBAN STREETS\nICE employs several road designers that can provide engineering services for highway\n\n\ndesign starting from feasibility studies,\nenvironmental impact assessments, road\nalignment design, pavement design, overlay\ndesign, design of interchanges, design for safety,\ndesign of construction management, traffic signal\ndesign, traffic simulations, safety audits, road\ndrainage, supervision of constructions works, post construction monitoring and maintenance design.\n\n\n\nSTRUCTURAL ENGINEERING IN INFRASTRUCTURE\n\nWith its professional staff ICE can design\nbridges with different types of\nfoundations, like deep piled foundations,\nshallow foundations, reinforced earth\nfoundations, erosion prevention;\ndifferent types of piers; different types of\nsuperstructures such as pre‐stressed or\npost‐tensioned girders, steel girders,\nreinforced concrete decks; overpasses\nand underpasses for pedestrians or\nvehicles, suspension foot bridges, pipe\nand box culverts;\nRetaining structures of different heights\nand different types such as: Masonry walls, gabion walls, concrete gravity walls, reinforced concrete\nwalls, piled walls, reinforced earth structures.\n\nARCHITECTURAL AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF BUILDINGS\n\n\n\nICE provides design and supervision services for\nbuildings for a huge variety of purposes such as\nresidential buildings, hotels and resort areas, hospitals,\nschools, institutional buildings utilizing recent materials\nof construction like r/concrete, steel structures, masonry\nworks, resent finishing’s etc.; analysis and design with\nSAP 2000; architectural services, retrofitting of existing\nbuildings, etc.\n\nHYDROPOWER ENGINEERING\n\n\nICE is involved in the design and\nsupervision of small to medium hydropower\nplants. The services of such projects may\nstart from discovering, planning, feasibility\nstudy, evaluation and detail design and\nsupervision of all the components of\nhydropower plants. Recently ICE is a\ndistinguished consultant in this sector in\nAlbania.\n\n\n\nWATER RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING\n\n\n\nICE through its staff and partners is performing\nclimatic and hydrological studies; planning and\ndesign of irrigation and drainage schemes, erosion\ncontrol, flood prevention and land profiting\nschemes, water‐supply design, sewerage design,\ntorrent hazard control and protection.\n\n\n\nGEOTECHNICAL AND GEOLOGICAL SERVICES\n\nICE through its consultants and partners is performing geotechnical investigations for civil\n\nworks purposes such as: foundation investigations, landslide analysis and rehabilitation,\ngeophysical investigations, construction materials investigation and quarries selection, hydrogeological observations and laboratory tests for rocks and soils.\n\n\n\nSURVEYING ENGINEERING\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nICE works with LEICA‐GEOSYSTEMS\nsurveying instruments. For various design\nprojects company posesses all the necessary\ninstruments to perform precise surveying\nworks. For such surveying company employes several part‐time groups. All the measurements can be transferred and processed in computer for further action.\n\n\n