Wind Power and Solar are two other important sources of clean energy. Planning and building of wind power and Solar systems require both good planning and a broad technical knowledge. Planning and design of wind farms require knowledge of the community, the natural and cultural environment, the landscape and all authorization processes. It also requires technical knowledge and capability of wind measurements, turbine performance, noise and vibrations, power grids, road infrastructure, construction processes, and so on. In the other hand securing a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply by reducing dependency on fossil fuels is one of the most important challenges for the current century. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology has made a major technological leap in the past ten years and will help us more and more to meet this challenge. The solar power energy sector of ICE, together with partners, has acquired comprehensive know-how and understanding of all required, technical, environmental and commercial aspects of this technology. We provide a wide range of services in the field of Wind and Solar power, from project identification to tendering, owners engineering, design and supervision of guarantee works. Within the field of Wind and Solar Power, we provide the following services:

  • Project identification and development support
  • Technical, environmental, financial and economic feasibility studies
  • Conceptual studies, technical and commercial concept optimization
  • Tendering, Tender documents, tender evaluation
  • Supervision services during the implementation phase (Owners Engineer), such as quality management, site management, expediting and staff training
  • Operation and maintenance concepts, optimization of O&M procedures
  • Assistance in settling disputes and supervision of guarantee work

Wind & Solar

  • Wind power
  • Solar power