Geotechnical Investigation for Project of “Sewerage System Improvement of Greater Tirana-Construction Phase-Trunk sewer object”

Client: TEC & EPC (Japan)
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost: N/A
Contract Period: 04/2010-06/2010
The project is one of the most complex projects in Tirana to solve the historical problems and immediate urban development of capital city. The complete project value is 5 million euro. ICE is assigned by TEC & EPC (Tokyo Engineering Consulting, Co., Ltd. & Europartner’s Consulting to perform and interpret the in-situ investigations and laboratory tests for the sewerage system design project. Field works like: borings, SPT, trial pits, permeability test were performed and  also laboratory tests like: particle size distribution, specific gravity, water content, density, Atterberg limits, porosity, module of compression, shear strength, chemical analysis of water, consistency index etc.