Extension of “Gjergj Fishta” and “Bajram Curri” Boulevard and Rehabilitation of Lana River from “Technological” Bridge to the “Teodor Keko” Street Cross

Client: Tirana Municipality
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost: Not Public
Contract Period: 04/2017 – 09/2017
In accordance with approved urban plan of Tirana, it is foreseen the extension of two Boulevards “Gjergj Fishta” and “Bajram Curri” parallel with Lana River, as well as the rehabilitation of Lana River. The road and the river are 1.8 km long and 74 m wide and is located from “Ura Teknologjike” up to the intersection of Lana River with “Teodor Keko”, known as the New Ring.
The scope of the project is a comprehensive solution for rehabilitation of Lana River and the extension of the Boulevards in conformance with the approved urban plan with all the necessary urban infrastructure. The project includes: Design of roads, road pavements, traffic signs and road markings, urban design; design of structures such as: bridges, post-tensioned girders, abutments, retaining walls; design of sewerage and drainage networks, design of lighting system; electrical network, IT network, water supply, gas supply, landscaping and irrigation system for green areas.