Feasibility Study And Detailed Design For HPP Ljusa 1.98 MW (Albania)

Client: Non-Public
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost: Not Public
Contract Period: 03/2016 – 04/2017
Ljusa HPP is located in Gjalishti village, in Mat Municipality some km away from Burrel City. Ljusa HPP project is planned to be constructed in this area in order to utilize the water of stream of “Zalli I Madh” with a 49km2 area. The optimal solution for an efficient production of the HPP is the one with the deviation scheme, with a calculated income flow of 2.5 m3/s. The main structures of Ljusa HPP are:
1. The Intake structure located at the right side of the flow, 445m above the sea level.
2. The Desanding chamber structure which is dimensioned to filter particles with a diameter greater than 0.2mm.
3. The Stilling basin structure which gives the water the needed pressure before entering to the penstock.
4. The Penstock with a diameter of 1200mm and a length of 3.4km approximately.
5. The Powerhouse structure where are installed 2 Turbines type Francis with an installed power of 1.98MW.
The main services provided within this Project were as those below:
• Hydrological Study
• Conceptual Hydraulic Design of Water Structures
• Conceptual Design of Pipelines (Penstocks)
• Conceptual Design of Temporary Works
• Geotechnical interpretations of The Area
• Conceptual Design of power house and substation
• Grid Connection Assessment
• Conceptual Design of Transmissions Line 10 KV
• Estimation of turbines and preparation of Energy Model
• BoQ
• Business Plan.
• Land Acquisition plans and identification of cadastral functionality classes