Feasibility study of three Hydropower Plants in Gramshi district; detailed design and supervision of HP of Tervoli, Albania

Client: BLE-KLO-AR sh.p.k (Albania)
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost:9 Million USD
Contract Period: 03/2007-03/2010
The feasibility study includes the location of the water intake and hydropower plant, preliminary design of structures and pipeline, cost estimation and economical evaluation of three hydropower plants over one river in the central region of Albania. The detailed design includes construction design of all the components of 12 MGW installed HP such as water intake building, water treatment plant, 2.8 km long tunnel with inner dimensions 2.4×2.8m, 200m long tunnel for service purpose, 1600mm dia steel pipeline 400m long and 200m head, powerhouse for three aggregates, outlet structure and transmission line. The supervision services were provided for the same HP components.