Need for clean energy is increasing; producing the clean energy through the greater use of hydropower is today a socio-political necessity and task. Within the field of Hydropower, we provide planning, design and construction management of hydro-electric power and multi-purpose projects, including studies to enhance optimum compatibility with the environment, in order to satisfy the increasing demand for security of supply.


  • Hydropower Plant
  • Dams & Reservoirs
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Hydraulic Structures


The increasing complexity of our work demands ever greater innovation and adaptability. We use the most modern tools and methods for static and dynamic investigations of hydraulic systems, mathematical modeling of the foundations and superstructures, static and dynamic calculations of constructions as well as for transient calculations. Our experience encompasses a wide range of conventional plants, from the mountains type comprising long tunnels and hundreds of meters head, too low run-of-river schemes developing few meters head, both with weirs and dams. Clients can as well, rely on our expert services in dam design, based on our vast experience. Many existing power plants, irrigation dams are constructed decades ago and they need rehabilitation and upgrading, in view of the increasing energy shortages and safety. For an economical continuous operation of these plants, we provide to our clients complete renewal concepts and investment planning, dam rehabilitation, renovation of penstocks, optimization of turbines and electro-mechanical equipment.