Licensed Supervisor Engineering Services for TAP Access Roads and Bridges in Albania

Client: Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Albania
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost: Not Public
Contract Period: 09/2015 – 12/2016
The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will connect Western and South-Eastern Europe to the abundant new gas sources in the Caspian basin and beyond. The TAP Access Roads and Bridges includes the construction of 19 access roads of approximately 95 km, the construction of 2 new bridges, the refurbishment of 53 bridges. The project consist in the supervision services as contemplated by relevant Albanian Legislation by duly licensed engineers in successfully accomplishing the supervision task, monitoring on site the construction activities for approval and certification in compliance with relevant Albanian Legislation for the access roads and bridges. The main services provided within this Project are: interface with the Albanian Authorities in the position of the Licensed Supervisor, examine the inventory of the design drawings, technical specifications and BoQ, sign the orders to commence the works; keep the minutes of the works’ commence and the setting of grade-stakes, signing the site handing over protocol, review/assist in the adoption of the contracted BoQ as per Albanian Manual, monitoring the works during construction periods, working with all the Parties for the certification of payments; co-ordination with road works stakeholders; review, approving and signing of variation orders as needed, review in accordance with the environmental permit, approving the materials and quality of the works in accordance with the Albanian Legislation, examine and attend the measurement of any work that is about to be covered, participation in the technical/progress meetings if required, certify the completion of parts or the totality of the works.