(President /Board Member/ Highway Engineer)

He is a licensed professional civil engineer (PE) in Tirana, Albania.
Olset received the “Transport Division” of Civil Engineering Degree, Faculty of Civil Engineering from Polytechnic University of Tirana. In his 25 years dedication in this field, Olset has been an experienced Team leader for highway projects, determination of route alignment, slope stabilizations, integration with road network, receiving of surveys, assessments of protection measures, accommodation of drainage structures, imposing road safety measures and budgetary analysis. He is a highway designer, interurban roads and pavement structures utilizing sophisticated professional programs. Familiar with safety aspects on roads and qualified in solving black spots by means of necessary measures. Furthermore he has been responsible for managing hydropower and energy and other multidisciplinary projects showing high administrative skills leading teams of more than 20 engineers of different disciplines. International experience in Kosovo, Denmark, Comoros Islands and West Africa.