Pre-Feasibility Study of Photovoltaic Plant (PV) 2 MW Tërbuf, Divjaka Municipality, Fier District

Client: Illyrian Consulting Engineers sh.p.k.
Partners: N/A
Construction Cost: Not Public
Contract Period: 05/2018 – 07/2018
ICE in the capacity of Consultant has prepared a Pre-feasibility Study for the project “Photovoltaic Plant (PV) 2 MW Tërbuf, Municipality of Divjaka, Fier District”. The project is located approximately 45km southwest of Tirana, in the Divjake municipality in the Tërbuf municipal unit and lays out to a 2.8ha area. Panels have been selected of the Sunpower P19 390W type, and are distributed in 27 lines west – east, no. of the installed panels is about 6000. The installed power will be 2 MWp, the average yield of the scheme is 85.5% and the average annual energy calculated by PVGis is 3’460’000 kWh / year. The electricity produced at the Tërbuf photovoltaic plant will be transmitted by means of the 35 kV Air Transmission Line at the point of connection with the OSHEE system that will be the Bishcukasit Electric Substation in the Municipality of Divjakë, Fier Disstrict. The length of the Broadcast Line will be approximately 250m.
The main services provided within this Project were as those below:
• General Arrangement of Power Plant
• Single Line Diagram
• Grid Connection Evaluation
• Analysis & Evaluation of Solar Radiation
• Evaluation of Average Annual Energy
• Cost Estimation
• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment