Study and Design of Traffic, Mobility and Traffic Lights of Shkoder Municipality

Client: Shkoder Municipality
Partners: N/A
Contract Period: 09/2018 – 12/2018
Shkodra Municipality is one of the most important municipalities of Albania from the demographic, historical and economic point of view. Through the City Transport study, it is aimed at addressing mobility issues. Despite the efforts made in recent years where the most important is the realization of the pedestrian zone in the center of the city, there are still problems related to mobility in this city dealing with the movement of pedestrians, bicycle users, traffic management, transport public. It is important to note that Shkodra as a city has for the first time realized the pedestrian zone in Albania which has contributed greatly to the return of the city to one of the favorite tourist destinations. From the urban point of view, the city of Shkodra has had no major interference in the last decade compared with cities like Tirana or Durres, which makes it simpler and the organization itself of transport in this city.