Supervision of the Works for the Construction of the Motorway Rreshen Kalimash

Client: General Roads Directorate of Albania
Partners: IGH (Croatia), AF-ITP (Albania)
Construction Cost: 1,1 Billion USD
Contract Period: 12/2007-12/2009
Contract is for the provision of supervision services in the form of sub-consulting to IGH – INSTITUT GRADEVINARSTVA HRVATSKE d.d – Croatia who is appointed from GRD as the main consultant for the supervision of the works. ICE in joint venture with AF-ITP is providing more than 25 professionals for daily inspection and supervision and other services like design review and project coordination. Project consists of 60 km motorway with 2×2 lane facility full equipped with high slopes and in particular with 25.2 million c.m. of excavation, 9.8 million c.m. of embankment, 27 viaducts of total length 4090m, 116 culverts, 2670m in total length of r/c retaining walls, 1410m in total length of reinforced earth retaining structures, 2413 m in total length of gabion walls, 9 interchanges. The road passes through one twin tunnel 5500m long, which was also supervised by international and local professionals.