We offer a wide range of services starting from feasibility studies,
investigations, detailed designs to project planning and management. The result of our efforts is a society in balance, with solutions that simplify people’s everyday lives and create opportunities for regions and cities to continue to grow and develop.


ICE works along with several senior designers that can provide engineering services for highways such as feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, highway geometrical alignment, pavement design, overlay design, design of interchanges, design for safety, construction management plan, traffic signal design, traffic simulations, safety audits, highway drainage schemes, supervision of constructions works, post-construction monitoring and maintenance design.


With its professional staff ICE can design bridges with different types of foundations, like deep piled foundations, shallow foundations, reinforced earth foundations, scour control and prevention; Different types of piers; Different types of superstructures such as pre-stressed or post-tensioned girders, steel girders, reinforced concrete decks; Overpasses and underpasses for pedestrians and vehicles, suspension foot bridges, pipe and box culverts; Retaining structures of different heights and different types such as: Masonry walls, gabion walls, concrete gravity walls, reinforced concrete walls, piled walls, reinforced earth structures.